Monday, July 19, 2010

Mary's Key Challenge and Misc.

Mary said: My challenge turned into a pillow. Quite awhile ago I did some rust dying and had a neat piece of fabric to work with. I arranged the keys in a circle and stitched them all on with rust colored thread. After the keys were all on, I did a bit of beading on it and eventually sewed it into a pillow cover. I put the slip cover onto a recycled pillow and there it goes...This was a fun project. I loved what everyone else did also...we are all so different. The little cowgirl box is something that I worked on today. It is a small wooden box that I covered in old stamps and then put pics of cowgirls in the 4 openings. It was fun to do.


  1. Your key project turned out great, Mary! You had some really fun keys and rusted fabric to work with and I like all your bead choices too, it all flows so well together.

    I love that little box you made too. Now you have a place to keep your spurs!

  2. Mary, what a wonderful way to exhibit all those fancy keys. You have such a neat assortment there. Especially like the key with TNT etched into it. And a super way to use that rusted fabric. Adding the beads was a nice embellishment, too. Thanks for adding all these photos for us, too....and so quickly!

  3. The pillow is very unique, great job. Love the cowgirl box.