Monday, July 12, 2010

Jan's Wall Hanging and Tin Trade...

Jan did a tin trade with a group online and received her's this week. The tin was decorated with alcohol paints, rhinestones, and a piece of vintage costume jewelry...very cooooool. Inside was the neatest little book that was fabric pieced and embellished. We all had a good time checking it out.

Jan's wall hanging is really coming along. Today she was sewing on felt pieces to add to what she had done last week. She also told us her key project was almost done! Sheesh!

Double click on any picture to enlarge it. Check out the detail on Jan's hanging.


  1. Beautiful wall hanging and the tin is very nice.

  2. Oh Jan!!!
    I love the wallhanging!!!
    (and the tin is pretty cool too!)
    Sorry I've been MIA---busy as all get otu. Have some fun for me, okay?


  3. This tin was very nice, Jan. Great gift! That little book inside was sweet, too. As for your wall hanging, it's wonderful! So much work, I know, but it sure shows in the end results. Wonderful! Your are SO GOOD! As for your Key Project being almost done.....SHEESH, is right! I was just getting ready to ask for an additional week, but now I'm seriously gonna get mine done by next Tuesday. I don't want to be the one to hold us up, that's for sure! :~D

  4. Tuesday! Hey will be one day late :>))
    (April's comment above)

    Jan, the piece you are working on is wonderful! You have such a good imagination and use of color. It is fun just to watch you plug along on something from week to week and it turns into a real piece of art. I think we all admire you for that...I sure do.