Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Remember these, girls??? One is Friendship, one is Dunes, one is self portrait. Sorry I didn't have any pics of any of yours, but wanted to give Pink and Karen and idea of what fabric ones looked like. Go For It! is the challenge again for those of you who ignored me last time :>))

11 X 8.5" Journal page that can be sewn with fabric, mixed media, needle felted, knitted, painted, done in alcohol inks, iris folding, whatever you chose.

It is due on Tuesday, May4. THE THEME IS MY FAVORITE...

I have officially challenged you S & Bers and anyone else who is following. If you are not local, send a picture of your item to: and tell us about it.

OK...So I'm Still Not Together On This!!! :>))

I know you didn't see April's "Catfish" below and these things I am putting on now should have been below instead. Good luck trying to understand what I was doing!
Below, you should find April's "Catfish" and Pinky's Iris Folding Cards. I think I need a refresher course! Bare with me on this...


The Pictures Below are of April's "Catfish" neat! Two pictures are of Jan's flag book that she made. It looked like it would be so fun to make. Last, is the cards I was working on...It was a fun day. Below you will find Pinky's Iris Folding cards...all so neat. She blended some shiney paper with some matt finish and they turned out very well. As usual, it was a good day with good company.

I have to say that we all encourage each other and I think that is what makes us all continue on...I really thank God for these friends.

Mary said: We all met over at Pinky's yesterday with the exception of Joan and Karen. Karen just got back from a week long trip. We missed you both!

Jan, April, Pinky, and I Worked on various projects. Pinky was working on a very complex iris folding card. April was working on cards and ATCs. Jan was working on a hand sewn project...check the picture, and I was working on cards and ATCs.

Jan told us about an ATC exchange that sounds fun, so we are all trying to get 5 each ready to mail. We will get 5 different ones from 5 different people. It sounds like fun! Those little pieces of art are so much fun to do. We all have a pretty good collection now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a really full house today at April's. We had our regulars there, missing Karen as she is on a little camping vacation. We also had April's daughter, Amber and grand daughter, Haley. An added bonus was Bob's cousin, Nita and his aunt Betty and Nita's niece, Stephanie.

In the pictures below, you will see April and the girls working on cards and ATCs.

Jan is working on her hand project. Betty is showing us her quilt that she made out of scraps she had...very creative. Nita is showing us the hand quilting she is doing on the birds of her quilt. No pictures of Pinky or Mary, but we were working on ATCs...very relaxing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Orange & Green Wave

Okay...I'm gonna try and write everything for this photo BEFORE I put the photo in here, and see if this works. I may be BLOG challenged!!! :0D This is the result of those four decorative papers I showed you yesterday. I really like this one because the colors all just coordinate so well. Such a fun project! Oh, Yeah...April is writing this!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Finished Cards...

Another Wonderful Tuesday At Karen's

Mary says: Both Pinky and April have made the Iris Folding cards and today they shared what they learned with the rest of us. We all worked on them and each card is completely different and that should not surprise me. The pictures will show the steps and finished products. April actually painted foil with alcohol ink for one of her cards. Jan used glossy magazine pages for hers. The rest of us used various papers. It was very fun. Joan joined us today and it was so good to see and visit with her.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Iris Folding

These are the two examples of Iris Folding that April made using regular decorative paper. The plain white one is just cardstock, with decorative papers folded and attached to inside of card. The colored example is ink stamped with a little bit of blue ribbon attached. The center design is just regular decorative scrapbooking paper with a cute little butterfly added to center of Iris Folding. Fun project!

Missed A Picture...s

Mary says: The part that allows me to put on the pictures only let me put on 5, so here is the picture of April that got left off...sorry April!


Mary says: Here it is March 1 and I am just now putting on the pictures from last week! Sheesh! The following show us all working on various projects. Pinky is going to show us how to do iris folding for cards next week. If any of you S & Bers have pics of your projects, post them, OK? Pink, could you post one of the iris folding? If not, we can take pics tomorrow and put them on next week ( a little sooner, hopefully :>)) Jan was working on a small hand project...embellishing it. The rest of us were working on cards and paper goodies. I love this group! We all said we were unusually quiet this! not normal for us. It was a comfortable quiet, however. I'm enclosing the daffodils I found in the front...a little glimmer of spring. The two cards are ones Pinky showed me how to do after everyone had left last week. They were fun to do. I would, however like for you to see some of Pinky's. They are so neat!