Monday, March 1, 2010


Mary says: Here it is March 1 and I am just now putting on the pictures from last week! Sheesh! The following show us all working on various projects. Pinky is going to show us how to do iris folding for cards next week. If any of you S & Bers have pics of your projects, post them, OK? Pink, could you post one of the iris folding? If not, we can take pics tomorrow and put them on next week ( a little sooner, hopefully :>)) Jan was working on a small hand project...embellishing it. The rest of us were working on cards and paper goodies. I love this group! We all said we were unusually quiet this! not normal for us. It was a comfortable quiet, however. I'm enclosing the daffodils I found in the front...a little glimmer of spring. The two cards are ones Pinky showed me how to do after everyone had left last week. They were fun to do. I would, however like for you to see some of Pinky's. They are so neat!


  1. Really looking forward to making more Iris Folded cards tomorrow at Karen's. That was fun! I'll try to get some of my photos up here today.

  2. Nice photos Mary. You made some good iris cards after we left, I especially like the little leaf print in the center of your card, and the leaf stamping around it. See you tomorrow.