Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back together again

April is back from her trip to Alaska so we were able to get together for the first time in a month and it was lots of fun.  When isn't it?  At our last meeting Pinky had challenged us to make a paper chain of dolls or whatever our preference was, and they were due for this meeting.  Above you can see April's chains of  kissing dolls, moose and trees.  Seems she was influenced by her Alaskan trip.

Her little trees are so cute, with the nature theme running through them.

Here are the kissing kids, the boy on a skateboard and the girl with her purse.

Pinky made her cutouts into tiny ones and attached them to cards!  What a cool idea.  I love the little aliens at the top left. 
Jan made little butterfly creatures, complete with antennas.

Karen made quite a variety, including llamas, cactus, and I'm not sure what to call those cuties at the top.

Plus Karen did these coyotes.  Or maybe they are wolves.

She claimed these guys were her favorite,  even if she did have to cheat a little to make them♥.

Mary also made a variety of cut outs and attached them to cards.  Great minds think alike and so do sisters, evidently!  I like the top left one with the little girls throwing their hands into the air.

April's kitties were so happy to have her back that they won't let her out of their sight!

Pinky and Mary, laughing at April's stories of her Alaskan adventure.

We also celebrated Jan's birthday.  Boy howdy did we!  Look at all the Pirate Loot she received!  Does Sadie look a little jealous?

Click on the photo to see all the wonderful thoughtful artful gifts that Jan received.  Wow!  That ought to keep her busy for awhile!

What a fun day it was, plus the weather was beautiful.  The gals took Jan out to lunch, then returned to April's where she served some delicious fruity drinks and birthday brownies.  What could be better?

Skip on over to April's daughters blog and follow Amber's adventures in Alaska if you've a mind to.  Amber moved to Dutch Harbor to teach school.  That is a long ways away!  Good luck Amber!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Missing you bunches and bunches!!!

Can't believe we've been gone 21 days (YES, that's THREE weeks!) And you can imagine how difficult it is to craft while riding along in a motorhome, and STILL watch out the window as the scenery screams by. But when you have to get to a certain destination in a certain amount of time - that's what HAS to happen. It's been exhausting, but fun. So, so, SO glad to be home again. Hope to see you ALL this Tuesday. Karen's house??? Don't have my paper doll chain finished yet, but I think we still have another week until our deadline??? Anybody know for sure?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Miss You All!

Summer can mean we all go in different directions and don't get to get together as often. I guess that is one benefit of autumn and winter...we all are pretty much home bodies.

Well, anyway...I really miss you all and can't wait to hear April's stories again and just visit with you all and hear what you have been up to .

Our garden is actually growing...not sure what is going on there :>)) Blueberries are on and stawberries about over, but they sure were good and froze a bunch of them for making some jam later.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.
Love, Mary