Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DAWG Posting Winner!!!

I had to share these with you girls...In the DAWG (Designing Artist Women's Group dawgteam@spruz.com ) group that I belong to online, I was the winner of these three ATCs. Aren't they wonderful? The cat ("Green Sleeper") is by Sue Taylor Perez...the "Cherries" is by Joann Wheeler...and the little fairy is by Gina Sutton. They are all DAWG team members.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We all had such a wonderful time on Tuesday. It was so good to have April back with us, but we were missing Joan this week. Jan brought some little books as examples and we all worked on making one. We all had done this project before, but I think all of us were happier with the end result of this project...I sure was! Pinky wasn't able to make the little book when we did it before, so Jan gave us hints along the way and we all worked on them. The pics below show each of us and our project(s). As usual, it was a fun day and we sure made a huge mess on Pinky's table. The pics I am adding now are the finished or in my case almost finished books. From left to right on the top row are Karen's two, Jan's, bottom row Mary's, Aprils and Pinky's on the end. It was such a fun time!

Jan's Little Books Project...

Jan Brought 4 books with her to show us. Three, were ones she made and one was one a friend online had sent her. In the picture below, she used fabric on the cover of the one with the blueberries. All of them turned out so well. Each one was unique and had a style all of it's own. Jan used some of her hand made paper, asssorted threads and charms, and made them ready to fill with anything of her choosing. This was such a fun project. She brought her faithful friend, Rocky...snoozing in the pic below.

April's Little Book Project...

April found the neatest coordinating papers to make her book out of. She always comes up with the most fascinating decoration and puts a lot of thought into it. She used brads, stamping, pens, making tags, assorted threads to decorate her book. I wasn't sure if she said she was keeping this one or giving it to a friend. All of us used hand dyed or painted binding that Jan had given us. It not only holds the book together, but is beautiful at the same time. Boy, did we make a big mess on Pinky's table!

Pinky's Neat Little Book Project...

This is Pinky's little book just filled with her inchies that we all traded some time ago. She stamped her own paper (see the third and fourth pic down) for the pages last week when she and I were together on Tuesday. I thought she did a wonderful job on the paper and it was just perfect for the pages. She just does some amazing work.

Karen's Little Book Project...

Karen worked on two little books today. Her other book is at the upper left corner and will be included when I show a pic of all the books together. I apologize for not keeping better track this time of who's was who. Both of her books had stamping on them and so colorful. She made her pages on this one from pages Jan had made herself...beautiful colors.

Mary's Tuesday Doings...

This little book was so fun! I made inchies and little tags to fit inside each page. I still have to add some threads for a book mark and some charms and possibly something different to go on the front. The book on the right upper corner was made by Karen. She is so good at reusing to make something spectacular!

DAWG State Fair Challenge...ATCs

In my DAWG online group we did a trade for "State Fair". This was fun to do. The little calf was sent to me by Brenda Thour who is also a DAWG member. I did two and sent Judy O'Hara both of them...it was a fun project.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perfectly Pink Tuesday!

No photos today, but just had to comment on being able to actually sign-in and add info under my own name. Thanks Jan for figuring it out, and inviting me. It worked! Had a FANTASTIC day today with 'my girls.' No surprise there! Tuesdays are truly my FAVORITE DAY!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday was a sad day for us (Kit and I) as our faithful friend, Molly, was laid to rest. We believe she may have had a little stroke that affected her walking, getting up, and getting back down. Life was getting way too hard for her. I still keep looking for her and expect to see that wagging tail and the way she looked like she was smiling at us. She will surely be missed. She was such a faithful and loving friend. In this pic of her and Jess...she was a very young Molly.