Thursday, August 12, 2010


We all had such a wonderful time on Tuesday. It was so good to have April back with us, but we were missing Joan this week. Jan brought some little books as examples and we all worked on making one. We all had done this project before, but I think all of us were happier with the end result of this project...I sure was! Pinky wasn't able to make the little book when we did it before, so Jan gave us hints along the way and we all worked on them. The pics below show each of us and our project(s). As usual, it was a fun day and we sure made a huge mess on Pinky's table. The pics I am adding now are the finished or in my case almost finished books. From left to right on the top row are Karen's two, Jan's, bottom row Mary's, Aprils and Pinky's on the end. It was such a fun time!


  1. Plenty of creativity has gone into these little books. I love the paper Pinky made for hers, it looks so professional. Mary's book was so cool with the star shaped cutouts she did, very unique. Karen always has some unusual papers that she turns into something fabulous, and of course April's work is so meticulous and colorful, all are great! So much fun, all of us trading our supplies and papers and colors. I couldn't believe the way Pinky's table looked during our session! amazing how cleaned up it was when we were finished.

  2. Marlene dropped in and said to tell everyone that she really enjoyed seeing our books. She has been in the Mountains and just now home.