Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jan's and Mary's...posted later...

The top photo is of Jan's distressed ink creations and the bottom one is Mary's. We all really enjoyed this project and LOVE our new inks! Double click on any picture to enlarge it... Scroll down to see April's, Pinky's, and Karen's.

Distress Ink challange at Mary's

April couldn't stop.

Pinky's are so elegant.

Karen's are always so full of diverse elements.

I forgot to take a picture of Jan's and Mary's work but here is a picture of smiling Mary.
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Jan and Mary--Thanks for all you do on the blog. It always looks good, thanks to you two. April too, right ?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

April Has A Surprise For Us!

When we all got to April's on Tuesday, she had a great surprise for us all. We had talked about making some blending tools for our new inks that we all just received. April found some online very reasonable and made extra pads for them so we had a different pad for each color of our new Tim Holtz Distress Inks. For the rest of the day, we played with them and created. Jan had an interesting face stamp and we all took turns using it to make cards, tags, etc....very fun!

Pictured below are the finished products of our face stamping...double click on the pics to see the detail. Pinky brought us all some large tags to take home. As you can see...we all used them for a stamping project. Thanks Pink!

Thank you, April, for getting those for us. I know we all will get so much use out of them. The blending tool allows you to put ink on a card or project without streaking. It helps to blend the inks in to make a smooth appearance.

Pinky brought her "farm" stamps and gave us a challenge. We are all to use the stamps she brought to make something out of them...a card, a picture, a tag...whatever we choose. The two we have to use were the chicken wire and the hen stamps. She brought more...corn, fence, and I can't remember what the others were. We have two weeks to bring our projects in for everyone to see. Thanks, Pink, for the challenge. Sounds like fun!

Unless there is a change, everyone will be at Mary's next Tuesday...Can't wait...

Welcome Nita!

We were so happy to see Nita on Tuesday. Every once in awhile she pops in to spend the day with us. April was the hostess and had goodies for us and coffee and tea. These pics are of everyone working on their individual projects.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Apologize...

I just couldn't seem to get this blog post together this a.m. I woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep, so decided to work on it...shhhheeeeeesh! Double pics, repeated lines...OK, time to go to bed!!!

To make a long story short...We had a wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, superdooper, day usual :>))

Good night.

Welcome Lyla and Lubie!!!!

We all welcomed Lyla (Karen's sister) to our group officially on Tuesday. Our time together was held at Karen's home in Birkenfeld. Lyla and her little dog, Lubie, are having a visit with Karen and Don this week.

She brought Mary a birthday present and presented it in an altered can...such a great idea! I think we are going to have to try that one of these days...excellent presentation of a gift idea. Inside the can was one of her fabulous altered books with several pages devoted to my all time fav cowboy...Roy. Lyla made a birthday card...also with Roy and two ATCs. What a wonderful gift. Thank you, Lyla!

This was such a busy day...the time just flew. Lyla brought us a large box filled with scrapbooking supplies that she is no longer using...WOW! She said she didn't want to take any of it home with her and we obliged her. :>)) This was such a great day...Thank you, Lyla for all the goodies.

To top that off, Karen and Lyla made us the most wonderful lunch with salad, chips, and open face tuna sandwiches...YUM!

Did I ever tell you Tuesday is the day I look forward to all week...:>))

Our Tim Holtz Stamp Pads Arrived!!!!

We all put our money together and ordered some Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Pads in beautiful colors. Since there are 6 of us and 36 of them, we all went happily home with 6! Of course, that triggered a challenge, right???? We are to make three cards, ATCs, or ? out of of new stamp pads. I have five colors already and just love the ones I chose. I think everyone else was pretty thrilled also :>) If you haven't tried these stamp pads, they are a aged look to your stamping.

Puzzle Challenge...

April gave each one of us a card puzzle with no rules...we like that! We had two weeks to get it done and of course, all of them turned out completely different. Being a puzzle, and one we wanted to take apart and make the person we were giving it to put back together...we had to be careful on just how much we embellished it. As you can see, they all are completely different with two of us...not mentioning names, absolutely papering over the top so you can't take it apart :>)) Double click to see them up close. They all turned out fantastic. We drew names when we were given the puzzle and made our puzzles for that person. Mine is a treasure and I feel that the others felt that as well.

Row 1 L-R Lyla's for Karen, Karen's for Pinky, Mary's for April
Row 2 L-R Pinky's for Jan, Jan's for Mary, April for Lyla

Friday, June 3, 2011