Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jan's and Mary's...posted later...

The top photo is of Jan's distressed ink creations and the bottom one is Mary's. We all really enjoyed this project and LOVE our new inks! Double click on any picture to enlarge it... Scroll down to see April's, Pinky's, and Karen's.


  1. Jan, I really like the look of the two tags that were wrinkled first, then inked (bottom row, #1 & #3 from left). AND I like the look of the one that you inked from the back with dye ink (top left)....even though it leaked through to the front. Now that you KNOW that, you can use it to your advantage. ALSO...LOVED the face stamp. That would be a good one for me to get because it seems like you could use it in so many different ways. Hmmmm...maybe a challenge with the face. Maybe 3 different looks??? What do you think girls?

  2. Mary, thanks for posting! I really like your crackle stamp! It sure has a nice look to it! And, OF COURSE, your cute little fox! Too cute! Like the looks of your little pony stamp, too. I liked how you stamped onto that filigree (blue with the bird) embellishment, then added it to your card front. Great idea!