Sunday, June 19, 2011

April Has A Surprise For Us!

When we all got to April's on Tuesday, she had a great surprise for us all. We had talked about making some blending tools for our new inks that we all just received. April found some online very reasonable and made extra pads for them so we had a different pad for each color of our new Tim Holtz Distress Inks. For the rest of the day, we played with them and created. Jan had an interesting face stamp and we all took turns using it to make cards, tags, etc....very fun!

Pictured below are the finished products of our face stamping...double click on the pics to see the detail. Pinky brought us all some large tags to take home. As you can see...we all used them for a stamping project. Thanks Pink!

Thank you, April, for getting those for us. I know we all will get so much use out of them. The blending tool allows you to put ink on a card or project without streaking. It helps to blend the inks in to make a smooth appearance.

Pinky brought her "farm" stamps and gave us a challenge. We are all to use the stamps she brought to make something out of them...a card, a picture, a tag...whatever we choose. The two we have to use were the chicken wire and the hen stamps. She brought more...corn, fence, and I can't remember what the others were. We have two weeks to bring our projects in for everyone to see. Thanks, Pink, for the challenge. Sounds like fun!

Unless there is a change, everyone will be at Mary's next Tuesday...Can't wait...


  1. Thanks for posting, Mary. These are great photos. You sure went to town with your new distress inks! I think about four of those faces are yours...huh? I only made one. Hey, question? Did you crinkle the one in the upper most left corner? How did you straighten it back out? I really like the looks of that. Think I'll try one! Spent most of yesterday stamping and inking! OH YEAH...gotta LOVE summer!

  2. Hi everyone. Looks like you all had a great time with the inks and stamping. I love that face stamp. I think Jan used it on something I remember seeing. I've got to go back and check to see if I'm remembering right. The tags are all so pretty. Hugs to all.

  3. I think the crinkled one is mine, Jan's. I crinkled it before I started inking it and smoothed it out as best I could. I would have ironed it afterwards if I'd been home.

  4. I only did the one card with "searching" on it, April. The rest were all you all :>))

  5. Another fun Tues. !! These girls are getting a little wild & crazy today.

  6. Way to go!!!! I always like to use GOOD JUDGMENT!!!