Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Lyla and Lubie!!!!

We all welcomed Lyla (Karen's sister) to our group officially on Tuesday. Our time together was held at Karen's home in Birkenfeld. Lyla and her little dog, Lubie, are having a visit with Karen and Don this week.

She brought Mary a birthday present and presented it in an altered can...such a great idea! I think we are going to have to try that one of these days...excellent presentation of a gift idea. Inside the can was one of her fabulous altered books with several pages devoted to my all time fav cowboy...Roy. Lyla made a birthday card...also with Roy and two ATCs. What a wonderful gift. Thank you, Lyla!

This was such a busy day...the time just flew. Lyla brought us a large box filled with scrapbooking supplies that she is no longer using...WOW! She said she didn't want to take any of it home with her and we obliged her. :>)) This was such a great day...Thank you, Lyla for all the goodies.

To top that off, Karen and Lyla made us the most wonderful lunch with salad, chips, and open face tuna sandwiches...YUM!

Did I ever tell you Tuesday is the day I look forward to all week...:>))


  1. Hi Everyone, sounds like you had a very fun day. I look forward to being able to join you again one of these days.

  2. It WAS a fantastic Tuesday! The lunch spread was outstanding, as was finally getting to meet Lyla...and Lubie! (Nice doggie! HA!!!) I'm so happy that you could join us, Lyla...and now I'm SURE that you should move here, so that you could be with us each and every week. Can't believe that stash of STUFF you brought to share with us. TOTAL SCORE!!! Thanks so much! It's just was a great day!