Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mary's Birthday party!

We gathered at Pinky's for a party to celebrate Mary's birthday today.

She received bountiful usable gifts from everyone. Above is her haul from April.

From Karen she received the above which includes a couple of cool collage panels that Karen made.

Pinky gifted her sister with the above pieces including an interesting Roy Rogers wood cut out panel. Whoops! That Dale woman he hung around with got covered up somehow:-J

Jan gave Mary more Roy Rogers stuff, along with these other items.

After Mary finished opening her gifts we got back to working on our projects. Pinky finished her crocheted rug. Here we are, trying it out.
 Here is Louie, giving it the paw of approval.

April wasn't far behind and soon finished her second crocheted rug too.

Karen was working on these cute tags. Mary was doing some bead work and Jan tore her crocheted rug apart and began re-crocheting it because it was too wonky. Pinky fed us all some delicious sandwiches and had a little chocolate cake as a birthday cake. Yum! I was too busy eating and forgot to take pictures! It was another fun day for this fun group of women. Next week we meet at Karen's and hope her sister Lyla will be able to join us!

Happy Birthday Mary!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Postcard Tuesday

We had a postcard exchange and created and mailed each other postcards.  On Tuesday we brought all that we had received and showed them to each other.  Above you can see the ones that Mary created.

These are Pinky's.  Unfortunately, some of the elements she had attached fell off in transit so they arrived looking a bit plain.

This is a close up of one of Pinky's that made it intact.  It is very cool with that image of She Who Waits.

These are the ones from Karen.  The Roy Rogers one is for, who else, Mary. :-J

These are Lyla's.  One of hers hasn't arrived yet but hopefully it will.
 April sent everyone two she had so much fun making them.
 These are April's also.  Very neat, and she even used some orange which is not her favorite color.
 We had a guest show up.  Nita, April's cousin joined us.  She is quite crafty herself and usually has something interesting she is working on.  She just came for the company this time and we were happy to see her.
  These are Jan's.  I took the picture before I mailed them.  Unfortunately, the flower on the pink one fell off in transit, and Mary hasn't received hers yet either.  I hope these wayward postcards find their way home.
  It was a fun trade, we will likely do it again soon.  In the meantime, April gave us all greeting card sized puzzle blanks to embellish as our next challenge.  That ought to be fun also.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MAMOGRAM....Red Tuesday @ Mary's...

We discussed this today and realized we all have probably not kept up on this as we should (Jan, being the exeption).

If you haven't had a mamogram recently, make your appointment today! Your husband, partner, parents and children will all appreciate having us around a bit longer.

Do it today!

Progress On April's New Rag Rug...

As you can see, April is working on her new rug that will go around the toilet. She amazes me how she can make it square so easily. April used some sheets and some fabric on hers and the colors blend so nicely. She is using her oval rag rug in her kitchen now. You guessed it! Both rugs have purple and teal in them...her fav colors.

It is her daughter, Amber's, birthday today. Happy Birthday Am! Have a wonderful day.
God's blessings on the exciting year ahead.

Jan's Weaving and Progress on Her Rag Rug...

Jan made the neatest little weaving today on a bead loom! She used all kinds of fibers, ribbons, strings, etc. to make a miniature weaving. We all couldn't believe how quickly she did this. She had started at home and finished here. The first pic is what it looked like when we first saw it and the other was when it was done. It will be fun to see what she will end up making out of it. Don't forget to double click on the pics to see the variety of fibers, etc. she used.

She also worked on her rag rug and it is turning out great!...so colorful. She used fabric in hers instead of sheets and it is looking gooooood.

Mary Was Being Sneaky...

I hope no one realized I was working on my post cards :>)) They have to be mailed by the 20th, so I needed to get on the stick! I did do a couple cards to try and fool 'em. I'm enclosing a pic of a thank you card.

Karen (alias Gobblezoomburp)

We missed Pinky for a good part of our day as she had an appt. She joined us in the afternoon until the rest of the gang had to head back to Jewell.

Karen, as usual, was quietly making her little masterpieces. She told us that her sister, Lyla (honorary member :>)) would be joining us in June for our Tuesday at Karen's. We are all excited to meet Lyla.

Can you tell she loves dogs and birds? Double click to see the detail.

Hi Lyla!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Orange Tuesday at Jan's

We had a good time at my studio this Tuesday.  It was a pleasure to have Kate come by.  Everyone enjoyed seeing her rug making technique, it is call Locker Hooking I think.  I might have to try it.

Everyone paying attention as Kate explains locker hook rug making.

Mary is really on a roll making these little hats. 

Kate gave my embellisher machine a try on a piece of the felting she brought along.  She was quite taken with the machine.  It definitely is a speedy way to needle felt.  It was a fun day!  Thanks for coming to my place, see you next week at Mary's. 
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We had so much fun welcoming Kate to our Orange Tuesday at Jan's. I met Kate at the showing Jan had last Saturday at the Blue Nutria in Clatskanie. Kate lives in Clatskanie. Kate does some wonderful work with felting...beautiful color combinations. She makes hats also. I didn't get to take a pic of her display, so Jan...if you are reading this...maybe you could post the pic you took of her beautiful display.

Kate was working on a rug while visiting with us. It was made of different colored fleece and was so cozy looking, It will be a beautiful addition to her home. We all really enjoyed visiting with her and learning how she ended up in this part of OR after living in eastern Oregon for many years. Jan let her have a go at using her needle felting machine. I'm thinking she is probably wanting one of those :>))

It was a great Tuesday and fun to have a new visitor.

Jan has been doing some shifting around in her studio and had some items hanging up that none of us have seen before, so it was fun to look around at what she had. She had a piece of woven felt laid out on her cutting table, so it will be fun to see what that developes into. Jan was working on her multicolored rag rug today and it is turning out so pretty. She said she had some problems with hers wanting to curl too. We all discussed that and just came up with the fact that you have to constantly watch it on every round to make sure it is laying just like you want it to. She has also started a new blue piece that is off to a wonderful start...don't forget to double click on the pics for a close up. Jan was our hostess today and made us all yummy muffins for a treat.

I have to tell you...going into Jan's studio is always fun. She has much of her own art on the walls and many pieces given to her by other artists she has known. She loves color and you can tell it when you see her space.

Pinky is working on finishing her burgundy rag rug. She was having some trouble with it curling. It really is tricky keeping the rug so that it doesn't curl or twist. She referred to it as a creeping banana slug. There was a suggestion that she should put a $600 price tag on it and put it in a gallery :>)) When I was making mine, it started curling and I made it into a bag! OK...do what works...

April has already made a beautiful rag rug in purples and teals and is now beginning a matching rug that will go in her bathroom by the toilet. This is a bit of a challenge to figure out how to make the parts that will go on each side. She is pretty good at figuring out these things. She enjoyed visiting with Kate. April didn't have to drive Micheal today, so got to stay a little longer and that is always fun!

I don't know how Karen gets all her card making goodies in the little box she brings each week, but she turns out the most wonderful cards. She gave one to Kate while she was visiting.

I've been working on some baby hats for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. This is one that I made after Pinky and I left S&B and headed home. It was a pretty blended yarn that I found and was a much heavier hat than the little ones I made before. It was fun to work on.