Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Postcard Tuesday

We had a postcard exchange and created and mailed each other postcards.  On Tuesday we brought all that we had received and showed them to each other.  Above you can see the ones that Mary created.

These are Pinky's.  Unfortunately, some of the elements she had attached fell off in transit so they arrived looking a bit plain.

This is a close up of one of Pinky's that made it intact.  It is very cool with that image of She Who Waits.

These are the ones from Karen.  The Roy Rogers one is for, who else, Mary. :-J

These are Lyla's.  One of hers hasn't arrived yet but hopefully it will.
 April sent everyone two she had so much fun making them.
 These are April's also.  Very neat, and she even used some orange which is not her favorite color.
 We had a guest show up.  Nita, April's cousin joined us.  She is quite crafty herself and usually has something interesting she is working on.  She just came for the company this time and we were happy to see her.
  These are Jan's.  I took the picture before I mailed them.  Unfortunately, the flower on the pink one fell off in transit, and Mary hasn't received hers yet either.  I hope these wayward postcards find their way home.
  It was a fun trade, we will likely do it again soon.  In the meantime, April gave us all greeting card sized puzzle blanks to embellish as our next challenge.  That ought to be fun also.
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  1. This was such a fun challenge! I enjoyed it a lot....hence everyone getting so many postcards! I still never received Lyla's postcard, so I'm a bit bummed! I bet someone in the 'lost mail' department is really scoring, though. I'm glad someone will get to enjoy it! :~D It was fun to see Nita! Hope you can join us again sometime soon. Thanks for posting, Jan!

  2. With this post one can see what a nice group you are, what a present!

  3. Thanks Jan, for posting. I was trying to get ready for this weekend and just blitzed...It looks beautiful! See you in a few minutes...Tues!

  4. PS...I did receive my postcard from Jan and another from April (she is going bananas...)Mine is the Gumby Guy and I love it!

  5. I finally received my cute postcard from Lyla. It has the cutest kitty face on it! It took almost an extra week to finally arrive! Crazy! But I love it! Thanks, Lyla! Looking forward to meeting you this next Tuesday!