Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mary's Birthday party!

We gathered at Pinky's for a party to celebrate Mary's birthday today.

She received bountiful usable gifts from everyone. Above is her haul from April.

From Karen she received the above which includes a couple of cool collage panels that Karen made.

Pinky gifted her sister with the above pieces including an interesting Roy Rogers wood cut out panel. Whoops! That Dale woman he hung around with got covered up somehow:-J

Jan gave Mary more Roy Rogers stuff, along with these other items.

After Mary finished opening her gifts we got back to working on our projects. Pinky finished her crocheted rug. Here we are, trying it out.
 Here is Louie, giving it the paw of approval.

April wasn't far behind and soon finished her second crocheted rug too.

Karen was working on these cute tags. Mary was doing some bead work and Jan tore her crocheted rug apart and began re-crocheting it because it was too wonky. Pinky fed us all some delicious sandwiches and had a little chocolate cake as a birthday cake. Yum! I was too busy eating and forgot to take pictures! It was another fun day for this fun group of women. Next week we meet at Karen's and hope her sister Lyla will be able to join us!

Happy Birthday Mary!!

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  1. It was a wonderful day! Thanks for posting, Jan! Great photos! Yep, what a haul Mary made. It was a pleasure to celebrate with her. Pinky's lunch was delicious..thanks, Pink! So happy for you to finish your rug, and didn't it turn out fantastically....and FLAT! So neat! Getting excited for next Tuesday at Karen's because we get to see her new and improved studio space AND meet Lyla! It promises to be another great TUESDAY!

  2. Thank you all for such a wonderful birthday celebration! Tuesday is the best...especially with friends like you. God bless your day.