Friday, May 6, 2011

Mugging at Pinky's

April bought us all mugs that opened up so we could decorate the insides of them.  The above photo shows the creative results.  From left to right are Jan's, Mary's, Karen's, April's and Pinky's.  They all turned out great and we had fun creating them.  Thanks for the challenge, April!

Mary was busy making hats on her little knitting loom.  The hats are for premature babies and she is donating them to a hospital.   Darling little things, Mary is quite the darling too.

Pinky's cat Louie looked so fetching as he lounged on the chair I had to snap a picture of him too.  All in all it was another fun day with the S&B gang. 
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  1. I think decorated mugs would be great sellers, but we'll have to find a better source. These mugs are crap (pardon my French), because they leak. Good mugs have a rubber gasket, which prevents them from leaking. The only ones I've seen were at Starbucks and they are very expensive! A mug isn't much good if it leaks. I'll look online now. I'll let you know what I find out.

  2. The mugs may leak but they're sure pretty. I'm betting they'd sell but you're right, no one wants a leaky mug.

  3. I wouldn't know which one to choose, they all look great, coffee or tea will taste much more better, because it gives also good humour to look at the mug..

  4. I just tested mine and it too leaks. I suppose one could find some rubber gaskets somewhere that would fit these but will we bother? I'm not sure. One can always drink from it without the lid on, but then it isn't much of a travel mug. Still looks good though!

  5. I haven't tried mine yet. Too bad they leak. I love my Louie's picture. He's such a pretty boy, if I do say so. Mary's little caps are so cute. Would be cute on a doll also.

  6. The cubs/mugs are very pretty and again you had a lot of fun and I wasen't there °u° *lol*.