Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nisbett Quilting Picture...

Thought I would share this with you. Jess and Matt got us a local peninsula artist, Don Nisbett, print of three crabs quilting. The original three crabs that are still in S & B would be April, Jan, and Mary. Since then, we have added Karen, Pinky, and Lyla. I thought this pic was appropriate for the 3 original S & Bers :>))

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Due to some sickness and just last minute Christmas tasks...we will see you in the New Year.
Happy 2012!

Mary...God bless you in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Carrhart Apron


I'm hoping to actually have what I'm writing match up to the photos I'm going to put on here. Here goes...our family decided to pick names for Christmas this year and chose to give handmade items only. I 'got' our son, Jonny's name, and thought...."Great, a guy gift!" Well, after much
thinking I decided to make him a BBQ Apron out of overalls, and a BBQ Recipe Book. I soon discovered that turning overalls into an apron is no easy feat. I looked online and then asked Jan to brainstorm with me, and also helped me make a practice apron with a pair of her old overalls. (They will become my own apron, although probably not much used 'cause I TRY to stay outta the kitchen). :oD

I cut up a pair Carrhart overalls by removing t
he legs. I then added a piece of leg horizontally below the crotch, which became the front of the apron. You realize all of this is AFTER I made several versions of the jeans overalls FIRST!!! I never really realized that the legs on your jeans aren't actually straight because the have to fit a pelvic area above them...therefore you can't just cut off the legs and add them. I wanted to put two legs together vertically, but they weren't wide enough. It took quite some time of cutting, stitching, tearing out, restitching, tearing out again, restitching and then tearing out AGAIN, before I realized that it was going to be much easier to just add a section horizontally!!!! Now I know how to make them (but hope I will never have to again!)

I took apart the hardware from the straps and added them to a section of Bob's old suspenders to become the neck strap. Only took me two tries!

My last step was to add the riveted buttons to the apron strings, so they would hang from the sides. Not all that hard, but sure took some time!

As I read back through this article it sounds like this was such an easy project, but I found it, in fact, to be quite challenging. But NOW that it's finished, I am pleased with it, and hope Jonny will be, as well.

Now, I'm starting on the recipe book. More later.....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

S and B at April's

Lyla sent her calendar pages for Jan. Love them! Jan received a lot of dog related pages this year, to her delight. Her. I'm her;-)

Thanks Lyla! I put them into my calendar right away in October and November spaces.

April was creating an apron out of a pair of overalls. It was turning out very well and she will have fun embellishing and wearing it.

Here she is, busy stitching. Nice view, eh? She can look up and watch the emerald green field with the horses dozing, cows grazing, dogs playing, birds flying. It's a rough life but someone has to live it!

April recently hosted a table centerpiece workshop and here is what she made. The felted birds draped around were a gift from Pinky.

Here is her other centerpiece.

Jan (me) worked on these beaded spools. Karen was making Christmas cards. I missed getting a photo, sorry Karen. Mary was sick so she and Pinky stayed up on the peninsula this week. Get well soon! Hope to see you next week.
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