Wednesday, December 7, 2011

S and B at April's

Lyla sent her calendar pages for Jan. Love them! Jan received a lot of dog related pages this year, to her delight. Her. I'm her;-)

Thanks Lyla! I put them into my calendar right away in October and November spaces.

April was creating an apron out of a pair of overalls. It was turning out very well and she will have fun embellishing and wearing it.

Here she is, busy stitching. Nice view, eh? She can look up and watch the emerald green field with the horses dozing, cows grazing, dogs playing, birds flying. It's a rough life but someone has to live it!

April recently hosted a table centerpiece workshop and here is what she made. The felted birds draped around were a gift from Pinky.

Here is her other centerpiece.

Jan (me) worked on these beaded spools. Karen was making Christmas cards. I missed getting a photo, sorry Karen. Mary was sick so she and Pinky stayed up on the peninsula this week. Get well soon! Hope to see you next week.
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  1. Wonder if I'll learn anything stalking you artists. I am amazed by all the talented beauty you create.

  2. I need to find some talented friends to get together with each week. Maybe then I would feel more motivated. Sorry to hear Mary's under the weather. April, if I had a view like that I'd be sewing all of the time. Love the beaded spools Jan. By the way, the heart you gave me is hanging from a wreath in my dining room and looks right at home there. The colors were a great choice. Happy holidays to all of you. Hugs

  3. Thanks Glenn, keep reading, you are bound to learn something;-)

    Maddy, sounds like you are displaying the heart well, glad you liked it.
    Be well.

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  6. Lyla, these pages are great! I especially like your cute little witch! Thanks, Jan, for the BUM overalls. I'm glad I get to make my apron first, BEFORE I start cutting up the Carrhart's for Jon! I especially like my view from my second floor window because I don't HAVE to go outside to get it! Teehee!!! AND actually this is my hubby's sewing machine that I'm sitting at. Mine is upstairs in my studio, and I wanted to be down here with 'my girls.'
    The centerpieces were so fun to make! Still not sure what I'm gonna do with the extra one! Jan, I really like your beautiful beaded, fibered, spool ornament. Someone left one hanging at my house, which I discovered after 'you' left. I love it! Wish we'd gotten pics of Karen's cards on here....they were really neat!

  7. Looks like we missed a great day! Love the spools, Jan! April, your apron is looking great! Lyla's pages are great. Missed you all today...