Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fifth Giveaway starts here!

This time around it is April's great stuff we are giving away.

Lots of embellishments for your card making and scrapbooking.

There is a little hand made book made of new colorful paper bags and a blank calendar book, some tags and a rubber stamp set..

some beautiful cards hand made by April, they fit into the little hand made box you see there with the ribbon around it.
Just leave a comment on this post if you want to have your name thrown into the hat for this give away and make sure we can contact you if you win.  We will pick the winner on May first.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun at Mary's

April sure knows her way around her colorful pen work!  Wow!

Pinky is actually using pink in her most recent crochet rug project.

Mary is the queen of stamp carving!

Karen is really enjoying her journal work.

Jan is knitting a hat.

Some of Mary's cards where she used her newly carved stamps.  It was another fun day!  Make sure you find the post for our 5th give away and leave a comment on that one if you hope to win.  Congratulations to Maddy for winning the last one.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The #4 Winner is Maddy Rice!!!!

Maddy Rice is our winner this week!  Please send us an email with your mailing address.  We just need to confirm address.  Congrats!!!!

Another Day in Paradise...

Another fun day with the "gang".  There was so much going on today, that I just know I will forget something and hopefully, Jan will pop in and help me out.  Pinky brought books and magazines for us all to go through and take home.  Thanks, Pink.  April brought Mary some unique little spheres that grow as you add water to them. You put them in a bunch of flowers and they will keep the flowers watered...very interesting.  Thanks, April.  

April brought her birthday present from Lyla.  She absolutely loves it!  It is a journal that Lyla has decorated every single page (front and back, too) in mixed media style.  You could tell, April is thrilled with it.  Good job, Lyla.

Jan was good enough to cut out all the flags we are going to make into prayer and garden flags.  We are giving ourselves a little over a month to get them done.  We will all make 6 to trade with one another.

Can you tell Karen is having a great time today????  She was working on some art journal pages and loving every minute.  There was lots of laughing going on, as usual...some of the topics we pick to talk about.

Mary brought fabric that she found in a garage sale for our next project...making prayer, or garden flags.  We are all thinking this will be such a fun project.  We will make each other flags to trade. 
April was getting a head start on all of by completing a flag today!  She used permanent pens and beautiful color.  Pinky thinks she is going to get that one...we'll see...

Pinky just started a new rag rug.  Her friend, Fran, gave her pieces of sheets that were already in a ball.  Today she added a bright pink to the pattern already started.  It is going to look great when she is done.  Note how interested Rocky is...looking for goodies again :>))

Our faithful Rocky is overseeing our work, but also looking for goodies :>))

This is April's finished flag.  I am really sorry this pic did not show how bright and colorful it is.  Jan, if you have a better pic, maybe you can post it.  Pinky wants this bad.  :>))

Mary was working on cards and stationary today.  She was mostly using two stamps that she had made previously...a sun and a fish.



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Such A Great Tuesday At Jan's!

What a wonderful day!!! Jan gave us a workshop on preparing a page in an art journal. We did painting, stenciling, used water colors, water crayons, water pencils, stamps, pens, etc. to get our pages ready. It was a stretch for this person with not much imagination, but the rest of our group did fantastic!

It was so fun to try the different paints and see how they reacted with spraying them with a little water or a little ink. Each one turned out so different and unique.

I asked all the girls to pick their favorite work of the day. Jan's was the heart. She used Gesso to produce the white contrast. Karen picked two...the bird and the horse. She used stencils and spray inks. Pinky did a background of leaves. She used leaf stencils and spray inks with small squares stencil. April used stencils and spray inks to produce the lavenders, yellows, and blues of her page. Mary used the bird stencil and some small squares and spray inks.

It was so much fun and the time went way too fast. We all seemed to love this experience together.

Thank you, Jan for the yummy muffins and great coffee. I almost forgot those terrible dark chocolate goodies...mmmmmmm.


4th Give-A-Way Starting Right Now!!!!!

This 4th Give-A-Way is provided by Mary Fox. It consists of 3 of her handmade cards, a pin cushion, some decorative yarn, some handmade tiny bags for cardmaking or scrapbooking, a white magnolia candle, a container of ultra fine glitter, flip flop ribbon for cardmaking or scrapbooking, navy blue post it notes to be used with light pens, tree stickers, Fun With Celtic Stencils, and various cross stickers.

We all hope you will leave a comment and possibly follow our blog to enter to win. Please leave your email, so we can notify you when you win. At that time, we will ask you for your address so we can mail your goodies.

Congratulations to Cheryl Keyes for winning our 3rd Give-A-Way today! Please send us your address, so we can mail your items won.

Best wishes on your entry in our 4th Give-A-Way!!!
Karen, Jan, April, Pinky, Lyla, and Mary

Winner of our third give away is Cheryl Keyes!!

Congratulations Cheryl Keyes! I have sent you an email requesting your mailing address and will get your gifts in the mail to you in the next day or two. Thanks for playing along, everyone. Mary will be listing our next give away very soon. The next winner will be announced around the 24th.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April's Birthday Celebration!

Sometimes it seems like all we do is have give aways and celebrate birthdays!  It was April's turn to be feted for her birthday this time.  We met at a restaurant in Astoria for breakfast and the opening of gifts.  As you can see, April is looking mighty pleased with the array of gifts assembled around her!

What is this?  A look of dismay upon receiving yet another sock monkey?  She never should have told us she doesn't like sock monkeys, heheh....

The Laurel Burch tea pot cheered her right back up.
After breakfast we went over to the art supply shop where April was able to purchase many of the items on her shopping list including a mixed media blank journal and several pens she needed for the lettering class she is taking from Joanne Sharpe online.

Pinky and Mary were enjoying themselves just as much as April was.  We seem to agree that it is equally fun to watch the others open gifts as it is to receive them.

After the art supply store we hit the thrift shop, JoAnn's craft store, Staples, Home Depot, the Dollar store and finally another restaurant to have a late lunch.  We were exhausted after all that shopping!  After replenishing our strength it was on to the Goodwill store where we finished up for the day.

They don't exactly look exhausted though, do they?

All in all it was another fun day for our intrepid shoppers and birthday girl.  Next week we will be back to some art work.  Jan is planning to conduct a background painting workshop so stay tuned for that.  And don't neglect to check out our newest give away that was posted in the previous post here.  We will choose the winner for that one next Tuesday and will still have 3 more give aways after that!  We love to share the joy we have in each other and in our creativity.
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Third give away! Sign up now!!

This one is donated by Pinky.  She is a great scrapbooker and card maker and has been very generous in picking things out of her stash to give away.

Who could resist an alcohol inked domino and a mini troll?

She has included some of the gorgeous cards she makes.

Cool embellishments, brand new in the package!

All these things will be wrapped up in this pretty bag.
So leave a comment on this post and we will pick a winner next Tuesday, the 17th.  Good luck!
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Lisa Brawner of Tribal Horse Desigsn Won Our 2nd Give A Way!!!

Lisa won the give a way and all I need now is her address. I emailed her to ask for it. Congrats Lisa!!! KEEP WATCHING FOR THE NEXT ONE TO FOLLOW SOON.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fun With Silk Dyed Eggs...

Today was spent mostly in the kitchen, so I decided to dye some eggs while I was cooking other things for Easter and tomorrow's crab feed here at our house. I saw on how a lady had dyed Easter eggs with silk ties. I was thinking of going to the thrift stores here and trying to get some. Then...I remembered that I had been collecting scarves with the idea I would wrap presents in them. At garage sales, you can get them for 25-50 cents. I brought them down, picked out the ones I thought were silk, and used them. About 4 of them did not turn out (probably not silk) and this is the results of the other 6. Some of the scarves were marked "silk" and others had no tag. I would recommendthe scarves as you get much more fabric out of each one.

I did repin the directions to these on my site under Easter Eggs.

I think it would be fun next year to do a little workshop on these...very fun.