Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April's Birthday Celebration!

Sometimes it seems like all we do is have give aways and celebrate birthdays!  It was April's turn to be feted for her birthday this time.  We met at a restaurant in Astoria for breakfast and the opening of gifts.  As you can see, April is looking mighty pleased with the array of gifts assembled around her!

What is this?  A look of dismay upon receiving yet another sock monkey?  She never should have told us she doesn't like sock monkeys, heheh....

The Laurel Burch tea pot cheered her right back up.
After breakfast we went over to the art supply shop where April was able to purchase many of the items on her shopping list including a mixed media blank journal and several pens she needed for the lettering class she is taking from Joanne Sharpe online.

Pinky and Mary were enjoying themselves just as much as April was.  We seem to agree that it is equally fun to watch the others open gifts as it is to receive them.

After the art supply store we hit the thrift shop, JoAnn's craft store, Staples, Home Depot, the Dollar store and finally another restaurant to have a late lunch.  We were exhausted after all that shopping!  After replenishing our strength it was on to the Goodwill store where we finished up for the day.

They don't exactly look exhausted though, do they?

All in all it was another fun day for our intrepid shoppers and birthday girl.  Next week we will be back to some art work.  Jan is planning to conduct a background painting workshop so stay tuned for that.  And don't neglect to check out our newest give away that was posted in the previous post here.  We will choose the winner for that one next Tuesday and will still have 3 more give aways after that!  We love to share the joy we have in each other and in our creativity.
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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, April. It looks like you had fun with the girls. I hope you have a great year!
    ♥ audrey

  2. With a group as large as yours, I can see why you feel like you are celebrating all the time, but what the heck, its a good time. I don't understand how anyone would not like sock monkeys. You guys love to share the joy, and I love reading about such a great group of friends.

  3. My birthday isn't actually until tomorrow, but getting to spend the day with my S&B girls on Tuesday started the week off perfectly!!! It was a wonderful day. Thank you, GIRLIE GIRLS! As for sock monkeys, I really am NOT a fan....but that was before I met this sweet little lavender gal. I think I'll call her .....hmmmm...well, I really don't know what to name her. Have you girls have any ideas?

  4. It really was a fun day!!! Today is Friday, so Happy Birthday, April!!! It is always a fun day spent with you all. I was pooped when I got home, however :>))

  5. Happy belated birthday April. I wonder why my calendar didn't give me a heads up. Looks like you ladies had a good time shopping and eating and being your usual fun bunch. I didn't know you had a thing for sock monkeys. :o}
    Hugs to all