Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ukrainian Egg painting workshop at Gwen's!!

One of our original members, Gwen, who doesn't come very often any more, invited the group to her house for an egg decorating session.

It is a fun but delicate operation.  Here is one egg during application of the wax after having been waxed and dyed once or twice already.

Same egg at the wax removal stage.

And finally the finished egg after 3 color applications and wax wiped off.  Cool huh?!

I think this is one of April's in process eggs.  Can't believe she used orange!

Pinky was really doing some intricate work.

I think this is one that Gwen's son created.  Wow!  Looks like some sort of Australian art work!

We look like some sort of Pagan workshop with our candles and concentration, ha ha.  That is Gwen at the head of the table and Lauren, another neighbor and guest who joined us, on the right.  Lauren is an outstanding knitter and needlefelter.

This is a dog Lauren created with needle felting.  Not just any dog, but it is a tiny replica of one of Gwen's dogs who was a favorite, he passed away.  What a beautiful gift this was, it really does look exactly like the dog.  Except tiny, of course;-J

Look for our next give away!  The winner of the first one is Carol!  Congratulations Carol, I'll need your address to mail the book and pin cushion to you.
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  1. How Beautiful these turned out.

  2. Did I spy a Pirate Egg in that basket???
    I love these; always wanted to try doing them but not a clue where to begin.
    Think I'll just enjoy them through the blog!


  3. I wonder who did the pirate egg???...Jan. These pictures turned out so great. They look beautiful in the bowl! Great job on the post! It would be neat to post them on pinterest. Hugs...

  4. Such a fun day! Thank you, Gwen, for hostessing us and offering such a fun workshop! I realized (after two broken eggs) that the 'blowing out of the inner egg) AFTER the entire outer egg decorating is finished, is a very, very, VERY delicate operation. Oh, well....they are just eggs! :-)

  5. This type of egg decorating is such a lost art. How cool that you got to try it. Gwen's replica of her beloved pet is so neat. Our pets certainly hold a special place in our hearts forever.