Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun at Mary's

April sure knows her way around her colorful pen work!  Wow!

Pinky is actually using pink in her most recent crochet rug project.

Mary is the queen of stamp carving!

Karen is really enjoying her journal work.

Jan is knitting a hat.

Some of Mary's cards where she used her newly carved stamps.  It was another fun day!  Make sure you find the post for our 5th give away and leave a comment on that one if you hope to win.  Congratulations to Maddy for winning the last one.
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  1. So glad you had a better picture of April's flag. It really is beautiful.

  2. I want to be sure that everyone knows that the first picture is one that was taken from an article of Cloth, Paper, Scissor...June 2011 (I think) where Joanne Sharpe did an article on Copic Pens. The drawing is hers...I just colored it!!! So fun! Had a great day with you all. I love our time...and all the art we create! Good job girls!!! Thanks for posting, Jan!

  3. April, I bought marking pens a while back and can't seem to do anything that looks this good. Even if you did just color it in.
    I love the colors in your newest rug Pinky, even the pink. :o}
    Mary your cards are so professional looking and I'm impressed with the carved stamps you've made.
    Karen your journal work looks like you've been having all sorts of fun. I wouldn't know how to even start something like what you're doing.
    Jan, it's spring, why the knitted hat now? Not that it isn't pretty but that's like me making a Santa in July. Oh, wait a minute, I have made a Santa in July. Carry on, don't pay any attention to the nut sitting at the key board.
    Great work everyone.

    1. Maddy, you are a NUT! But a sweet nut!!! So glad you won our last give-away. I guess perseverance pays off. You'd been trying for a long time!!! Fantastic!
      The only reason, and I truly mean the only reason, that the colors are so fantastic on that prayer flag is because I was copying Joanne Sharpe's image in her magazine article. Her article explained how to use Copic pens (which are fantastic)...but any coloring medium would work. She explained how to use a trio of the same color, just different shades or strengths of color saturation, to shade a petal (for example.) Shading can make all the difference. It was very interesting, and did seem to help me. On the above flag I used Copic markers, regular color pencils, water color pencils, my new gelatos metallic markers, that Jan gave me, and plain crayons. I just used whatever color would work together well. It was a fun project!

  4. Dropping by for a seeing all the fun projects !