Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lisa Brawner of Tribal Horse Desigsn Won Our 2nd Give A Way!!!

Lisa won the give a way and all I need now is her address. I emailed her to ask for it. Congrats Lisa!!! KEEP WATCHING FOR THE NEXT ONE TO FOLLOW SOON.


  1. OO, OO. I got my prize from the first drawing yesterday. I love that little pincushion. It reminds me of a mushroom. I can't wait to make some of these cute little guys myself.

    Congratulations Lisa!

  2. So happy to hear, here, that Carol is already enjoying her little pincushion, and new book! Yay!!!
    Special congratulations to Lisa for winning all of Karen's neat 'STUFF!' Bet she'll be excited when she hears!

  3. I Am so happy !!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!