Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Karen (alias Gobblezoomburp)

We missed Pinky for a good part of our day as she had an appt. She joined us in the afternoon until the rest of the gang had to head back to Jewell.

Karen, as usual, was quietly making her little masterpieces. She told us that her sister, Lyla (honorary member :>)) would be joining us in June for our Tuesday at Karen's. We are all excited to meet Lyla.

Can you tell she loves dogs and birds? Double click to see the detail.

Hi Lyla!


  1. Her cards are wonderful! I hope she doesn't kill you for giving away her code name:-)

  2. Love the cards. Great alias, makes one wonder how it came to be.

  3. What a nice new serie of cards, wonderful!

  4. These are great Karen!!! I LOVE that you and your sis had your own code language when you were kids. I sure wish my sibs had had something like that. Cool beans!