Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jan's Weaving and Progress on Her Rag Rug...

Jan made the neatest little weaving today on a bead loom! She used all kinds of fibers, ribbons, strings, etc. to make a miniature weaving. We all couldn't believe how quickly she did this. She had started at home and finished here. The first pic is what it looked like when we first saw it and the other was when it was done. It will be fun to see what she will end up making out of it. Don't forget to double click on the pics to see the variety of fibers, etc. she used.

She also worked on her rag rug and it is turning out great!...so colorful. She used fabric in hers instead of sheets and it is looking gooooood.


  1. Anything Jan makes is GREAT!!!!

    I love all the blue colors in the oval rug!

    Hugs to All,


  2. Funny, I see the picture of me and I think, "nice part in your hair, Jan!"

  3. Wow, love the colors in the rug and the weaving is awesome!

  4. I really like your little weaving, Jan! I think we should all pick up a little loom, and have a challenge. What do you girls think? Hmmmm? As for your part...I wouldn't even have noticed had you not said something about it. We are ALWAYS are own worst critic!

  5. yes I enjoyed this little webbing pics already on Jans blog very nice done!

  6. i absolutly love the rug Jan!