Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Distress Ink challange at Mary's

April couldn't stop.

Pinky's are so elegant.

Karen's are always so full of diverse elements.

I forgot to take a picture of Jan's and Mary's work but here is a picture of smiling Mary.
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  1. Thanks for posting, Jan. I will see if I can find yours and mine to post. It was really fun to see what everyone created. Pink, your post came through loud and clear :>))

  2. are so talented! I sure wish you'd realize it and QUIT putting your artwork down. I really like how you've used your corner stamps to really enhance your cards. AND that raffia bow and organdy ribbon are great touches, too! That brownish/orangish card on the left almost looks like leather. Great!!!!
    Karen, your cards are great, too! I especially like that great big tag (top & bottom left) and envelope. What a neat idea to put holes in the side and add yarn there. I like it a LOT! I like your nature-themed artwork the most...probably mostly your birds...not so much the doggies! Teehee!!! Great job!
    April, you of course, as ALWAYS, have gone WAY outside the box, and made a plethora of tags. What do you think you're going to do with all those things NOW? NUT!!!
    Thanks for posting, Mary. Had a great time with you all today!

  3. P.S. Cute pic of our Mary!!! We LOVE YOU!!!