Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puzzle Challenge...

April gave each one of us a card puzzle with no rules...we like that! We had two weeks to get it done and of course, all of them turned out completely different. Being a puzzle, and one we wanted to take apart and make the person we were giving it to put back together...we had to be careful on just how much we embellished it. As you can see, they all are completely different with two of us...not mentioning names, absolutely papering over the top so you can't take it apart :>)) Double click to see them up close. They all turned out fantastic. We drew names when we were given the puzzle and made our puzzles for that person. Mine is a treasure and I feel that the others felt that as well.

Row 1 L-R Lyla's for Karen, Karen's for Pinky, Mary's for April
Row 2 L-R Pinky's for Jan, Jan's for Mary, April for Lyla


  1. These are all great, what a fun idea.

  2. I loved my puzzle from Mary! It is just lovely! And what you can't see is that it is stamped on the back with cute little Laurel Burch (one of my favorite artists) angel kitties, and foxes (for Mary!) So cute! Thanks Mary!