Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Miss You All!

Summer can mean we all go in different directions and don't get to get together as often. I guess that is one benefit of autumn and winter...we all are pretty much home bodies.

Well, anyway...I really miss you all and can't wait to hear April's stories again and just visit with you all and hear what you have been up to .

Our garden is actually growing...not sure what is going on there :>)) Blueberries are on and stawberries about over, but they sure were good and froze a bunch of them for making some jam later.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.
Love, Mary


  1. My jury duty term begins today, not sure if I will be able to get together with you all this month or not. You know how that goes, Mary. I'm missing you all too and eager to get back together.

  2. I'm MORE than missing my girls. I sure hope that you won't have to miss a Tuesday for jury duty, Jan. I don't think I can go another week without seeing you girls. Mary, I wanted you to know that I came home to one sweet little pinkish hollyhock blooming. In all the hustle to pack and leave, I forgot to ask someone to water it, and it is doing fine. Doesn't look like the lupine really did much, but they are alive, so I'm celebrating. Hoping all of you are still crafting even though we haven't been together. I've done my best, although it's hard to juggle it all in your lap while riding in a motorhome. BOY, HOWDY, do I have some STORIES for you gals. Teehee!!!