Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicken stamp challenge

Here is Jan's Chicken stamp challenge pieces. Pretty boring, I know. Since we didn't get together this week I thought I'd show you here because I will probably forget otherwise. These are greeting cards, btw.

This is the best one. I think I'll send it to Martha since she likes birds so much.
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  1. Hi! Although this looks like it's Amber, it's actually April (Amber is my daughter, and I'm on her computer.) Jan, I think these turned out rather well, although they really don't seem like your colors. Where's the orange! Glad you decided to participate. Gonna miss you gals for the next three weeks. Be praying for us, 'kay, that we'll have safe (uneventful) travels. Check out Am's blog for more up-to-date info:

  2. Hi, girls, this is actually April again. Just wanted to let you know that we are on the Alaska Hwy/Klondike heading to Tok, Alaska. Then another day of driving and we'll be in Anchorage, then on to Homer to put Amber on the ferry. Our cell phone has died, tho, and Amber's only works intermittently, so not able to phone home. Hope you're all having a good time crafting WITHOUT me! Hey, did you all get together this last Tuesday? I sure don't see any postings. What are you up to? Bye for now from the Alaska travelers!!!

  3. April, we didn't get together because everyone had too much going on. Maybe next week. Keep checking in when you are able, I tried to call Amber's cell phone but got her voice mail and didn't bother.

    Karen was helping don install their pump in the creek. Mary still had jury duty. I was assisting with the brake job which took two runs for parts. Bob would be proud;-) Everything is fine at your place.