Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday at April's...

Kathy Otto joined us today (Tuesday) for the day. It is always good to see her and see what she has been up to. She worked on crocheted hats today and showed us a beautiful painting she did of dancing shoes. It looked like a photo. It was so clear. I can't post a pic here as she had it on her camera for us to see.

Amber, April's daughter, was with us today and was also working on a calender for Alaska. We always enjoy it when she can join us.

The following are pics of all of us doing various projects. Pinky has started her 2nd rag run in greens and tans, Karen was working on altered books and cards, Jan was tearing strips for her next rug, April was working on a journal for her Alaska trip, & Mary was working on strips for another rug.

April shared lots of goodies with us that she found at a garage sale. She found beautiful cards at the Sister's quilt show and shared those with us also. Kathy brought several things to share with us also. That is one really neat thing about this group. If we find something coooool, we share it with each other.


  1. Thanks for posting, Mary. It was another fun day. I may as well give up trying to cut back on my stash of supplies as you girls keep filling in the spaces I manage to clear! At least I didn't take everything home with me that was offered. You all are the best!!

  2. Thanks, Mary, for posting. You are such a dear about that. It was a fun day, with our two guests! So good to see you, Cathy, and , of course, my Sweet Amber. So good to see ALL my girls!!! Thanks, Cathy, for all the fabric, mod podge, spray glitter, and fibers! Score! See you at Karen's next Tuesday.

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  4. Thanks for letting me crash your S&B day! Too fun!! Love all you lovely ladies! :)

  5. You have ha lot of space over at Aprils place. Wondering what you always are talking about. I also found a very nice group here at my place where we meet once a month for knitting, about ten young girls or more ;-)) sitting around a table and chatting a knitting or crocheting, love that very much. Have good times and a lot of laughters and good jokes!
    I was also looking at your last posts, but didn't wrote any more comments but I had have a look at them!
    Greetings from over the ocean