Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Farming We Will Go!

Pinky challenged us to use her stamps of chicken wire and chickens, along with some of Karen's stamps of various farm items and make something. The following pics are of the results. You will note that Jan's are missing????? Is she a party pooper?

Number 1 Mary's
Number 2 Karen's
Number 3 Pinky's
Number 4 April's
Number 5 April's


  1. You all did such a good job with this challenge. I think they all look like fun results. Certainly better than mine.

  2. They actually look better than I imagined! This was a tough challenge for me!! I'm not really into 'farm stuff,' just because I LIVE on one!!! Teehee!!! Good job girls!

  3. These are just too fun. I am enjoying your blog :)