Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Totally NOT a TUESDAY!!!

No photos today, because we didn't get together. Karen didn't say what her plans were for today, since Mary had jury duty (I think sh'ell be busy with that for three days!), and wasn't able to come 'over the hill' to Karen's place. I bet Karen will be crafting! :-) She is probably in her studio right this minute enjoying the chipmunks, the birds, and her doggies, too! Pinky is probably crafting at home, today....at least I hope so, and has plenty of company with her two kitties. Just got off the phone with Jan and she said she is 'putzing around today.' We know how much company she has with her Buckutaslugs! :-) I (April) am trying to clean our house, so that it will be pristine for when we get back from our trip to Alaska. The OLD motorhome we bought (from Craig's List) isn't quite what it was cracked up to be, so, Bob, is trying to put it together well enough to get us up there and back. He has made several "parts runs", so is enjoying himself, inspite of the challenge. In the meantime, Amber and I have STACKS of STUFF all over this house. Stuff for her to take to Unalaska, Stuff for us to put in the motorhome, Stuff for her to use while on the 4-day ferry ride, and .....just STUFF!!! It's exhausting! Missing all your girls already. Have fun these next 3 weeks. I'll see you soon. Keep on CRAFTING!!!

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