Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Pictures Below are of April's "Catfish" neat! Two pictures are of Jan's flag book that she made. It looked like it would be so fun to make. Last, is the cards I was working on...It was a fun day. Below you will find Pinky's Iris Folding cards...all so neat. She blended some shiney paper with some matt finish and they turned out very well. As usual, it was a good day with good company.

I have to say that we all encourage each other and I think that is what makes us all continue on...I really thank God for these friends.

Mary said: We all met over at Pinky's yesterday with the exception of Joan and Karen. Karen just got back from a week long trip. We missed you both!

Jan, April, Pinky, and I Worked on various projects. Pinky was working on a very complex iris folding card. April was working on cards and ATCs. Jan was working on a hand sewn project...check the picture, and I was working on cards and ATCs.

Jan told us about an ATC exchange that sounds fun, so we are all trying to get 5 each ready to mail. We will get 5 different ones from 5 different people. It sounds like fun! Those little pieces of art are so much fun to do. We all have a pretty good collection now.


  1. I like Pink Tuesday! You sure have a talented bunch of folks in that creative group! Nice work gang!!

  2. Very nice work, I am looking forward to taking Mary up on coming with her the next time we are on the pennisula on a Tuesday.