Sunday, July 11, 2010

April's peacock embroidery

Jan is posting this older piece that April Wood made.
It measures approximately 15" X 15" and is crazy pieced, hand embroidered and beaded, then framed with a satin fabric which is also the backing. April made this for Jan, on the back it is signed and dated "To Jan, April Wood, 1997"

Here is a close up of the peacock. It is beautifully rendered in several colors of cotton floss, and there is a bead in each "eye".

Here you can see the bead embellishment along the framing fabric.

This is a good close up of the peacock where you can see how well she blended the colors. (sorry about the lint and hair, I didn't see those until I viewed the photos) April did a masterful job with this piece. It is a portrait of my peacock, Mr. Mel, at least, I like to think it is. Mr. Mel is gone but his legacy remains;-)

I feel so blessed to have been gifted this beautiful piece of art made by my friend. It hung in my house for several years until I noticed it was getting dirty and I took it down to protect it. I wasn't sure how to clean it so it sat in seclusion for another couple of years. Finally I knew I had to gently wash it in plain water and hope for the best. It worked and now I have it hanging in my studio. Thanks again for this, April. It is a treasure.
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  1. Wow, can't believe that I did that in '97. Didn't even know that I could do something like that back then. Thanks for the reminder, Jan. It's a blessing to me that you value it so much. I do remember how much time and love goes into something like that. So appropriate for you and Mr. Mel, my Friend. Love ya!

  2. Mary said: Absolutely beautiful, April! I remember this...nice to see it again.