Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jan's Pillow/Wall Hanging...

Jan started out making a pillow with a bull's eye type appearance made out of felt. It is hand done, but with some machine stitching in colorful contrasting felt. It is bright and cheery and beautiful. It was to be a pillow. Jan, later, thought it over and decided it might be best as a wall hanging. We will see what her final idea is in a week or two.

I am also enclosing a picture of Jan's bag with attached beading project. It is such a nice contrast on the black leather. It is a wonderful piece of art.

The picture of Jan shows the new tee shirt Karen picked up for her on her trip south. Jan took care of Karen's animals for her while she was gone.


  1. The beaded art on the bag and the pillow/wall hanging are both gorgeous. Fun shirt she has also.

  2. Jan, this Bull's Eye is so cool. You really continue to outdo yourself. Really! Just such a great way to use your garage-sale felt. Cool!

  3. I really love the Bull's Eye wall hanging/pillow. The colors, the design, the use of the materials. very successful!