Sunday, July 4, 2010

Horseshoe Nail Cross Artwork

I've tried to add this photo, but can't see it, so if it shows up twice, please accept my apologies. I originally started my beading challenge with a Laurel Burch Kitty fabric, but after little motivation, changed to a new project. Kit Fox gave me a Horseshoe Nail Cross, which he and his Men's Bible Study Group had made. (Thanks Kit!) I was, first, going to make a pin, but then couldn't quit, so it became a piece of wall art. I'm pleased with how this piece turned out. Thanks, again, Kit for the creative push with such a fantastic starting point. (Get it? Point? Like on the nail? Oh, man, I crack myself up!) :~D


  1. Whoops! I see that I DID post it twice. So sorry!

  2. Mary said: I do that all the time. Don't feel bad!