Monday, July 12, 2010

Karen's Beading Project...

Karen is having such fun with her beading project of a horse. She has added a fringy thread around the horse and decided to add some padding to make the horse stand out. She , then, did a blanket stitch around the part that had the padding. Take a close look...this is looking wonderful. Karen has really enjoyed this project.


  1. Karen, I just love how you see outside the box. This, your first beading project, is turning out so amazing! I just love it...and your enthusiasm. So fun to get to be a part of your new obsession! (But I appreciated that you had to take time out to do a few cards, because you missed doing them, so.) Two obsessions??? I think so! :~D

  2. This turned out fabulous, Karen! I shouldn't be surprised at how well it turned out even if it was your very first beading/stitching project ever. You are so talented in everything you put your hands to and I see beadwork is no exception.

  3. Mary said: It has been so fun watching you do your reflect much joy! You took to beading so easily and did a wonderful job on your first project. I love your horse!