Monday, July 19, 2010

Jan's Key Challenge...

None of us were surprised to see Jan's wonderful project with keys. She made a piece of hanging art. She use a piece of her rust dyed fabric and also did some tea dying to make her gingham fabric look old. She used pounded bottle caps for the frames of two pictures, old lace, needle felting, beading, and old time photos. It has the appearance of someone's heirloom. She said she might like to make another, but with photos of ancestors in her family. This is a fantastic piece. The hanger for it is a branch...perfect. Sorry, Jan for the upside down pic!


  1. It was a fun challenge, Mary. Thanks for inspiring us with these keys. I want to do more with them, I still have lots.

  2. Jan, you really outdid yourself this time. I really like how your project turned out. I have lots of keys left over, too, and might have to do something along this line, too. Really like how you used the smashed bottle cap to hold a photo. Neat idea! The key to life is enjoying the passage...very nice sentiment!

  3. Beautiful hanging, I love the way you put all of the different materials together.