Saturday, July 10, 2010

April's New Project...

When April stayed at Lincoln City not too long ago with her Mom and then, Bob, she made the house owner a wonderful little book to go in the beach cabin. She forgot to take a pic, but it is very similar to the new one she is starting. Each page was a letter that she did in mixed media. When the book is put together, it spells BEACH. She decorated each page.

This new project spells create. You can see she is just in the process of cutting out the letters. It will be so fun to see what she comes up with to decorate the pages. She made me (Mary) a book for my birthday that just brought me to tears, so I know this one will be amazing.


  1. This picture, at this angle and stage of incompletion, looks like some strange city scape abstract art.

  2. Wow, thanks, Mary. Hope I can live up to your expectations. (Actually, this project is on the back burner, because I'm busy with our key challenge project right now.) But I'll get to it sometime soon.