Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday at S & B...a wonderful day!!!

As usual, Tuesday was a great day at April's. We were missing Karen and Joan today, but hopefully will see them next Tues. for our belated Christmas Party. Amber's friend, Julia...from Germany was there today and making a card for Jeff Lieferman. Jan was working on a very colorful piece made of hand dyed cheese-type cloth stitched on to a base of colored tissue glued to backing. While we were there, she did some beading and hand stitching...very coooool piece. Anxious to see it all done. April was working on her postcards...due next week. We are going to do a postcard size trade next Tues. Pinky was working on a new paper folding technique to use with cards. The papers she used were oriental looking. The first one took her some time, but the second one, she said, was easier. I think I might like to try it. I worked on a birthday card and a Valentine card to trade with a DAWG member. We all planned a special group project to start in a couple of weeks. As usual, the time went way too fast, but we did take care of some of the problems of the world...


  1. Jan, your piece looks wonderful!!! Love the color and design!


  2. Thanks, Anne.

    Hey look gals, we have a new follower! Welcome to our S&B world, Anne.

  3. I tried to post a comment here yesterday, and actually thought I did, but I see this morning it isn't here. Weird! Anyway, what I said then (and now) was that I really liked Pinky's iris paper folding project. Just think of all the different ways you could use that technique! Jan your embellishing project is so neat...and again, you are SO GOOD at abstract. Mary, I only peeked at your cards from across the table, but now I see them upclose...and they are great. I really like the owl - I think it's my favorite. Yep! It is!!! Oh, I love Tuesdays! (It was especially nice to have Julia here, wasn't it?) Ja!!!

  4. Sorry I missed it. Great work! See you Tuesday!