Monday, January 4, 2010

Diana, Debbie & Amber's ATC's

Diana's ATC was made with flowers, fiber and hearts (which she cut off of a playing card. Debbie's ATC edges were singed with a candle and has a little tatted embellishment. Amber's ATC is made with a playing card that has been embellished with decorated fabric. They are pretty talented, aren't they?


  1. Somehow I got two copies of Debbie's ATC on there...don't exactly know how, and then I couldn't get it off. (Oh, a little bit of knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing.) :0D Had a great day making ATC's!!!!

  2. That's okay. These are all fun ATC's especially considering that they never made any before. Those gals all have a lot of creativity!

  3. I love these, did great! Aren't they fun to do????