Monday, January 4, 2010

Mary saying...

I'm so glad you have started posting on here. I was feeling like the Lone Ranger...I think it just gives us all boosts to see what each other is doing when we don't get to get together. I love it! Now, we need to get Pink that new computer so she can put things on and Karen too. We might need another lesson the the posting. I know Karen is working on things all the time and Pinky too. Hey...see you tomorrow. I have really missed you all so much. I am feeling alive today and over the yucks...


  1. Thanks for building this for us Mary. I didn't know it was so simple to create a blog.

  2. You are welcome...I am hoping we all will be using it as time goes on. Your snowman was so neat!

  3. Loved seeing you girls today. Hope to see Karen and Pinky on here soon, too.