Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Party on Tuesday...

Mary says: Hey girlies...tomorrow is our belated Christmas party at Karen's and stamp trade. Bring some stamps to work with also (ones you like) , a piece of saran wrap or a large baggie to work on, a piece of newspaper, and some stamp ink. That's all...maybe some wipe cloths for your hands and I will bring the rest. I figure we might not have a lot of time to work, so we could just do this little project.


  1. Okay, Mary, I will bring these items. I was gone all weekend so I didn't see your question about rust dyeing. I would also add some salt to the vinegar mix to soak the fabric in. We can talk about it tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Jan...looking forward to trying it with the whale and raven that Kit made me (on the porch)