Friday, January 29, 2010

Ideas For Trade Card Display...

The first picture is of Pinky's using adhesive cork squares and mounting the ATCs on the cork with pins. She used the clear plastic sleeves to protect the cards. The second picture is a frame I found at Micheal's. It has hinges on the side and a clasp to keep it from coming open. What I liked about this frame was that it would hold cards that were somewhat 3-D or built up a bit. I also found a frame for baseball cards that holds the sturdier plastic sleeves for collector cards. I got such a steal on it on eBay because the person listed it wrong and I just happened to stumble upon it. It is perfect for completely flat cards, such as ones from artists that have water color paintings on them, etc. I put each one of my cards in a plastic sleeve and used little squares of velcro on the frame and then on the back of each card sleeve. It keeps them right in place and I don't have to dust them...that's the main thing :>))


  1. These all look good. I don't recognize all your ATC's, you are getting a good collection going. I will get a photo of the small framed ones I am giving away. Yours look great, Mary.

  2. Wow, those are displayed beautifully. Looks Like I have a trip to Michaels in my future.

  3. Fantastic, Mary! Your ATC's look great in your new cabinet. Just lovely! And I really like how Pinky displayed hers on the cork board. Artwork right in her front room. Wonderful ideas!