Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan's Snowman

Several years ago my SIL gave me a 3 tiered set of decorated round cardboard boxes painted to look like a cute bug. The boxes were full of candy. I've had the boxes sitting around since then, empty of candy, thinking I would do something with them someday. I suddenly knew what to do with them during Christmas and you can see the results in the photo. The snow man was given to the SIL full of candy. I think she liked it.
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  1. That is a cute snowman, I just love being able to reuse things or repurpose them and that snowman is great!

  2. Mary said...What a neat idea, Jan! I bet your SIL was thrilled. Such cute little details on him, too. So good not to throw it away, but use it in a new way. I love to do that too. Good Work!