Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mary's Birthday celebration!

Mary has a birthday this week. We gave her a celebration today at our gathering at April's house. April prepared us all a delicious lunch of chicken salad, along with fabulous strawberry shortcake. Mary got a candle on her dessert. I'm not sure what she is doing here, pulling the honor inward?

Here is our blushing Mary, she can't wipe that joyful smile off her face. And why should she? She was the object of our full attention as she opened the gifts she had received from the gang. And what a great lot of loot she received! First she opened April's gifts and it seemed that bag of presents was never ending! All wonderful, from the art related magazines and books to the absolutely stunning book that April made for her. It was full of painted, folded, embellished, stamped, printed LOVE! It is a book that I'm sure Mary will treasure forever.

This is one of the gifts she received from me (Jan). I think she liked it. I enjoyed making it for her. Pinky, Karen and Joan also had plenty of wonderful gifts, some hand made, some purchased new and some from garage sales. All seemed to be very much appreciated by Mary. All the gifts showed the respect and love we all have for Mary.

Here is a closer look at the book April made for Mary. It is very special.

Everyone enjoyed the day. We also traded some scrumptious squares (decorated 1 1/2 inch squares), opened the package of ATC's we received from an online group we traded with, and made plans for our challenge of the week. We are going to alter/decorate some small tins to exchange with each other. Watch this space for the results of that trade. I'm sure they will be exciting. It was a very busy and fun day, even though none of us did a lick of art.

Happy Birthday, Mary! We love you!!
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  1. Hey gang, I did the best I could with this post but I couldn't get the photos to go where I wanted them, and another couple disappeared when I tried to move them. so frustrating, I don't know what I am doing. Sure was a fun day! I don't know who had the most fun?

  2. Happy Birthday Mary! Looks like a fun day and you certainly got some wonderful loot!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Mary (tomorrow). It was SO, SO, SO FUN to watch you open all your gifts. You are a gem...I think we will keep you! :~D Thanks, Jan, for getting a photo of Mary on here. She never wants to put herself on. Hope we can get some Scrumptious Squares up here, too. Those were so fun to make. Can't wait to see the results of our Tin Challenge for next week. Oh, we have soooooo much fun, don't we?

  4. A Wonderful celebration for you!! Hope you have a great day! Hugs Lisa

  5. Mary said: I did have a wonderful day and went home and showed Kit all the things you all gave me. God has blessed me with some very special friends. I love you all. And, you are right, Jan...I don't think any of us did an art project...Pinky tried. :>))