Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary's Dawg Trade...

Mary said: I thought I would post this before I mail it. We had a challenge to make a butterfly ATC. Yes...this is stepping out of my comfort zone :>))


  1. Comfort Zones should be stepped out of frequently and with great delight!
    Clothing is optional!

    Anne...the Muse

  2. Is that a hot dog?;-J sorry, I couldn't help myself. That is one wild butterfly, but then I guess all butterflies are pretty wild.

    see you tomorrow.

  3. I named it something weird, "Butterfly"??? I sent her a cooooool ATC with it to make up for it :>))

    I didn't ask Kit this time, so no hot dog remark :>))

  4. Hotdog? I don't think so. What do guys 'know' anyway? I think it's great, Mary, and I don't think you needed to send anything extra. Your butterfly is plenty cooooool all by herself!!!