Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ATC Trade

Jan writes: Our group recently participated in a swap at the Mixed Media Art Friends yahoo group that Belinda Spiwak hosts. We were so excited to receive our trades in the mail!

These are the ones Jan received.

I think these are Mary's.



And last but not least, April's. We were all thrilled with the cards we received, they all show lots of talent and creativity. What a fun trade!
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  1. Very cool to see these. I love all the creativity.

  2. I love seening other's ATC's because they are all so VERY DIFFERENT! What people make them from, colors, texture, etc.
    They are tiny delightful works of art!


  3. Great trades! It is always fun to receive wonderful new art.

  4. Mine were actually the second bunch, Jan. I love 'em! Sent emails of thanks to all my original artists. They told me how they made them after I guessed at their techniques. So interesting to see how different people work. I love ATC's! Thanks for posting, Jan.

  5. Mary said: This was such a fun trade. They came back from all over the country. All are so different and unique to the artist...great!

  6. Mary said: My bunch were on the very bottom and I am thrilled with them!

  7. Jan just sent me a note to check out these ATC's. I love them and this group sounds like a LOT of fun. I will be checking in now that I know about this blog! I agree, receiving something in the mail still brings a big smile and to receive such lovely ATC's, well that is even better!!!