Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Mary said: As usual, Tuesday was a fun time and everyone was there. Joan was even early! We did our tin box trade. Each of us drew a name of someone in the group and decorated a tin the size of an Altoids tin and add little goodies to the inside. I think we all really enjoyed this challenge and I know the tins we received were very special.

After the tin trade, we discussed and started working on a small beaded project each. Some of us were really going outside our comfort zone in these beading projects. All of us decided to use a fabric print to decorate with beads. Each of us got a good start on our projects. I have to say that Karen was the happiest beader. She was really enjoying herself working on decorating a horse. Jan started a horse also, April a cat, Pinky a fish, Joan some flowers, and Mary a chameleon. I can't wait to see what everyone has done by next week. I went home and worked some more on mine that evening.

I added a pic of mine in progress..Will you others add pics of yours in progress too????

Attached are some pictures of our beading and the tin trades.


  1. Fun that that pic is gorgeous.

  2. this!!! The beadwork is so nice and fits the fabric image perfectly!
    Will it be a pin?
    (did I miss that in the text? probably.....)


  3. A pin is what I was oping for, but not sure now if it is too big, Anne...we will see...