Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jan's beaded horse

In our recent beading projects, Jan decided to use this image of a horse printed on black fabric to embellish. She cut out the image, put it on a piece of red craft felt and beaded and embroidered it. Then she couched down a fluffy piece of yarn around the edge of the black before putting a black fabric on the back, bringing the edges around to the front and using blanket stitch, making a binding. It is supposed to be a postcard but it is a bit big for that. I'm sending it to Emma over at She is having a birthday and 50 people are sending her birthday postcards. I'm #49.
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  1. Beautiful postcard! and what a fun idea.....sending the 50 postcards. lucky, lucky!

  2. Jan, this is just so wonderful! Seeing it in person was even better! Emma is gonna love it!

  3. Beautiful work! Emma is very lucky.