Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red Tuesday At Mary's Place...

Mary said: Tuesday was another great day with sooooo much laughing going on. I have to say that laughter is not only a battery charger, but such good medicine. I loved every minute. By the way...did one of you leave me a neat little heart rock by my computer? That is so neat! I thought maybe it was Riley, but I know it could be one of you, too.

The following is some pics of our progress on our beading. Karen was on vacation and Joan did not get to join us either, so it was April, Jan, Pinky, and I. The beading is coming along so well. Jan has been doing this much longer than any of us and her horse turned out wonderful. April changed from her cat to a cross with beading around it. Kit and The Men Of The Cross were out in the garage making the crosses. Kit gave one to April and she decided to make a pin out of it. Check it up close. If you double click on the pics, they will enlarge. Pinky changed her fish to a couple of cats. I didn't change mine and continued with the little chameleon. It will be fun to see what Karen has done with her horse since she has been on her trip.

This week I found something very neat to share with you all on Tues. at Pink's.


  1. Hey you changed the layout! I like it, it looks more streamlined and advanced now. Thanks Mary. Everyones beading projects are coming along so well. I love your chameleon. It is easy, blogging, but still there are difficult parts such as making your pictures go where you want them!

  2. These are all terrific! You are all doing awesome work.